Superior quality. Precise construction. Friendly service.
Superior quality. Precise construction. Friendly service.

LAZY LEE – Canada

Cabinet Solutions is the exclusive Canadian manufacturer of the Lazy Lee® rotating closet storage system.

Lazy Lee – powered by ROTAS™

Lazy Lee offers 360° of smooth, quiet rotation on a self-lubricating non-metallic mechanism that is virtually maintenance free, requires no electricity, is impervious to temperature and humidity and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

This amazing patent-pending operating system powers all Lazy Lee products.

Watch the Lazy Lee in action

What is the weight load tolerance of ROTAS?

Handling over 10 times the weight capacity of any swivel bearing device on the market today, ROTAS has been certified to successfully operate under 9000 lbs. of pressure with no loss of performance.

Until now, the cost of importing and exchange rates have made this patented product an exclusive item for high end clients.

Cabinet Solutions is looking for Canadian companies that want to stay on the leading edge of closet design. The Lazy Lee is a unique product that will maximize those hard to use walk-in closet corners for your clients.

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